The Polka King Movie

The Polka King Movie
We were so honored to be involved with the making of this Movie.
 Released by Netflix on January 12th,  2018

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Can’t wait to see it again! JANUARY 12th, 2018 on Netflix

Starring Jack Black as Jan Lewan
Jan Lewan (Lewandowski)

Jan Head shot

The Polka King – Jan’s dreams of a better life first led him to Canada from Poland., where he came with “two suitcases full of dreams” in 1972. There he performed for Canadian Pacific Chain of Hotels from Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, BC. During that time he began using the stage name Jan Lewan.
He believed that his dream of a better life would not be complete until he became a United States citizen. So, in 1981, Jan came to the US,
where he became a US Citizen on October 30, 1986.
In 1988, Jan formed the JRD Production, Inc., Jan Lewan Show Gifts, Inc. and the Jan Lewan Orchestra. He attended many trade shows,
from Chicago to Las Vegas with Amber jewelry and gifts from Poland during 1988 to 2001.
During the years 1983 to 2001 The Jan Lewan Orchestra played in large venues such as Trump’s Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and in Las
Vegas Hilton Hotel. Jan Lewan and His Orchestra”s “OLE! OLE!” was nominated for a Grammy Award, a great honor.
And Now in 2018 a movie about Jan’s Life  called “The Polka King” is about to be released with Jack Black playing Jan Lewan, other actors in the movie are Jenny Slate, Vanessa Bayer, Jason Schwartzman and Willie Garson . The premiere of the was just held on January 22, 2017 at the Sundance Film Festival, in which now will be going to Cannes, France Film Festival in May.
Jack Black … producer
Joshua Brown … co-executive producer
Stuart Cornfeld … producer
Connor Flanagan … associate producer
Monica Levinson … producer
Chris Mangano … executive producer
Priyanka Mattoo … producer
John Mikulak … co-executive producer
David Permut … producer
Joey Poach … associate producer (as Joseph Poach)
Shivani Rawat … producer
Ben Stiller … executive producer

Jan with New CD
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