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    Blackwater 100 ~ 1988
America's Toughest Race
Day 1 -The ATVs
Day 2 -The Dirt Bikes

The Blackwater 100 / America's Toughest Race
Footage from the famous Blackwater 100 in Davis, West Virginia 1988. Route 93 River Crossing mayhem. Mud, Blood and Defeat. 1000's of Mud Fleas - 
(crazy fans trying to help the racers).

As you can see by the previews below these videos are action packed with quads, dirt bikes, blood and guts. Both DVDs feature a bonus slow motion menu button that features all of the worst crash & burns in Slow Motion.                 

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Blackwater 100 America's Toughest Race
Day 1 - The ATV's
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Blackwater 100 America's Toughest Race
Day 2 - The Bike's

Buy Now DVD Day 1 $12.95 45 mins

Buy Now DVD Day 2 $12.95 40 mins

Buy Both Day 1 & 2 DVDs $19.95

The Blackwater 100 was a GNCC race that was first raced in 1975 and was last raced in 1993. Dave Coombs Sr. started the race which took place in the small town of Davis, West Virginia.

The name "Blackwater" comes from nearby Blackwater falls and 100 for the number of miles in the race. The Blackwater was known as "America's Toughest Race"," The Indy 500 of off-road racing" or "The Father's Day Massacre" due to its rugged terrain and other obstacles.

 The infamous Route 93 stream crossing. It was a near vertical assault on muddy clay banks and it was even worse when it was raining. The fans would form a human wall on the top of the banks and would catch bikes and ATVs when the riders could not make it all the way up the bank, these fans became known as the "Mud Fleas". Year after year, the fans became more rambunctious. They were in the parking lot mud bogging with dune buggies and 4-wheelers. They would also splash water on the riders as they went through the river crossings. In the 1993 event Dave Coombs said that the party at the race was "an insane asylum, and the patients are running it" he also referred to the campground as "Derelict Drive". After the 1993 event, a study found that e-coli levels in nearby creeks and rivers had risen to unhealthy levels. The local power company, whose land encompassed much of the track did not want an e-coli outbreak on their property. Once this private land was no longer available the legendary race was history. Photos, videos, memories and scars is what remains today.


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